espa 2020-2014
espa 2020-2014

Covid-19 information

Dear Guests, This year is undoubtedly the most difficult and challenging in our many years of operation. With respect to our history, our professional course and with a view to the future, we send you the changes we have already implemented both in terms of organization and infrastructure due to this year's pandemic. The common achievement of the ultimate goal is the promotion of Greek Tourism and Greece as a leading product and destination globally.

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The Hotel Simeon for the 2022 season applies the following guidelines: 

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (hereinafter MAP): mask (simple surgery or cloth / fabric), glove use. Especially for the staff of the reception service, face shield is used. 
  2. Basic measures to avoid the spread of the corona virus - COVID-19: hand hygiene, use of antiseptics, avoidance of handshakes, keeping physical distances, avoid contact of the hands with the face and in general personal and respiratory hygiene.
  3. Management of suspected COVID-19 case: the procedure described in Annex III of the issued directive of the G.G.T.
  4. Personnel of the tourist accommodation: education based on the electronic platform of X.E.E. relating to all employees, including those carrying out an internship. We have also carried out additional training throughout our staff with disease specialist Papadogoulas Georgios MBA, a member of DR.ATT.E. specialised in the demands of our hotel

At the same time, we follow and have communicated to our various suppliers, the procurement procedures and transactions based on protocol. The Health First brand has been posted in the designated areas and special clarification signs are found in all common areas as provided by the departmental offices. while there are disinfectants available in all common areas of the hotel.

We have placed throughout the hotel, disinfectant stations (local and general) specific to the demands of Covid-19.



  1. Installation of polycarbonate curtain.
  2. Use of MAP by the reception staff.
  3. Installation of floor markings to avoid congestion.
  4. Change of check out time out from 12:00 pm to 11:00 am and check in after 15:00 pm.
  5. Arrangement of the common area in order to meet all the necessary legal requirements .
  6. Posting a form with all the necessary information for pharmacies, hospitals and local doctors.


  1. Before arrival rooms are cleaned with a steam cleaner and all the required cleaners for Covid-19.
  2. It is strictly forbidden for non-residents to enter the room.


  1. We observe the necessary table distances defined by law.
  2. Floor markings have been placed around the buffets.

Pool bar - Snack bar

  1. Observance of MAP by staff.
  2. Disinfection of table seats in the bar area at each customer change.
Pool bar - Snack bar
Swimming pools

Swimming pools

  1. Observance of cleaning and maintenance rules according to the existing protocols.
  2. In both pools there will be a limit of the maximum number of people allowed to use them.
  3. Distances of umbrella and seats / sunbeds according to the existing protocols.

Shared sports facilities

  1. Will be cleaned according to the existing protocols.
  2. We encourage parents to accompany and supervise their children.
  3. Disinfectant equipment is provided upon request.
Shared sports facilities


  1. Installation according to the existing protocols.


At the Hotel Simeon, we are constantly monitoring the progress of the Covid-19 epidemic and have put the care, health and safety of our staff and visitors as our top priority. We fully comply with the instructions of the competent health authorities and have taken precautionary measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19. However, we cannot guarantee that our guests will not be exposed to the virus. Guests are encouraged to take self-protection measures and comply with the health rules for Covid-19, in order to minimize any exposure to the virus. Guests visiting Hotel Simeon, and/or participating in any of its activities, must be aware of the transmissible nature of Covid-19 and the risk of exposure or infection to the virus. Hotel Simeon accepts no liability and guests agree to relieve the hotel of any responsibility/claims, arising out of or relating to COVID 19.


Please do not hesitate to inform the reception in case of fever, malaise or severe muscle pain.

Sincerely yours,

Management of Hotel Simeon

Trip Advisor
Health First

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